The Lighthouse Back Home

It’s been a year since eleven-year-old Dylan and his family moved to the lighthouse his father had inherited in Maine. Still astonished by the strange events of the summer before, Dylan is curious about what lies ahead. When he and his best friend, Alex, stumble upon a human skeleton in the woods, their curiosity leads them to a mysterious artifact that transports them back in time to the year 1893, leaving them stranded in a confusing new world.

With Dylan’s sailboat as their only means of escape and Alex disguised as a boy, they seek help from Matthias, the town lighthouse keeper and Dylan’s old friend. Despite Matthias’s reluctance, they settle into his seaside cottage where they make a new friend, face a deadly storm, and try to blend in with the townspeople. But when a sinister local family discovers their secret, they find themselves held captive by a cruel and remorseless old sailor with secrets of his own.

In this sequel to Matthias: The Ghost of Salvation Point, Dylan and Alex must risk it all to return to their own time and uncover the facts about an unsolved crime involving murder and stolen treasure! Fans of time travel and mystery will be captivated by this tale of friendship, adventure, and a touch of the supernatural.




Dylan Flint: age 11, narrator of the story. Small for his age and hates it, because people mistake him for a younger kid. Loves sailboats, lighthouses, and all things nautical, and is fascinated by Isaac and his ship. He's quiet and introverted, but smart-mouthed enough to get him into trouble.

Alex (Alexandria): age 11, Dylan's best friend. She's tall, skinny, and mistaken for a boy by all the old-time townspeople. Brave and resourceful, but sarcastic and easily annoyed by Dylan and Matthias.

Matthias MacMurray: The 25-year-old keeper of the Salvation Point Lighthouse, and Dylan and Alex's guardian back in time. He's easily exasperated by his meddling mother, as well as Dylan, who insists he knew him in modern times when he was a ghost. Aloof and serious, but loyal to those he loves.

Mama (AKA Matilda MacMurray): Matthias's widowed mother, the proprietor of a ladies' boarding house, and Dylan and Alex's guardian back in time. She's kind, motherly, and an excellent cook, though very proper and strict.

Isaac: age 13. Dylan and Alex's friend, the cabin boy on a broken-down cargo schooner docked at the harbor for repairs. He's talkative and uninhibited, and shocks Mama with his stories of his life at sea.

Saeger (AKA “Mermaid Hands”): A cruel, arrogant, and remorseless old sailor who terrorizes Isaac on their ship and holds Dylan and Alex captive in his seaside shack.

William Sleeter: The cunning and malevolent shopkeeper at the General Store who knows there's something strange about Dylan and Alex.

Thomas Sleeter: William's younger brother and accomplice.

Mrs. Sleeter: William's wife and accomplice, the town gossip who spreads rumors about Matthias and Mama.

Andrew, Johnny, and Norman (AKA “The Linebackers and the Viking”): Three big and intimidating but kind-hearted sailors who are Isaac's friends and protectors.

Lucy: A cheerful and bubbly girl who Mama introduces to Matthias as a potential love interest.

Mrs. Cooper: The Town Historian in modern times who tells Dylan and Alex about Matthias, Mama, Isaac, and the old days in their town of Salvation Point.

Mom: Dylan's mother.

Dad: Dylan's father.

Alondra: age 16, Dylan's older sister.