Stormwind of the North Country


A girl and her horse. A desperate journey. One unforgettable summer...

Fourteen-year-old Kat is expecting another peaceful summer at her family's remote farmhouse in the Adirondack Mountains. She can't wait to spend time riding her favorite horse, Stormwind, at her neighbor's stable. But when two shocking discoveries turn her idyllic world upside down, she struggles to rescue Stormwind from her abusive owner and deal with an unwelcome visitor who threatens to destroy everything she holds dear.

Feeling betrayed, Kat flees into the wilderness with Stormwind and her loyal dog, Hesperus. Her solitary journey takes an unexpected turn when she meets Randy, a mysterious runaway with a troubled past. As their friendship grows, she and Randy must rely on each other to survive the dangers that come their way.

But Kat knows that she can't outrun her problems forever. Can she expose the secret that could ruin her family's future and help Randy overcome the haunting memories of his past?

A tale of survival, courage, and the strength of family, Stormwind of the North Country is a must-read for fans of adventure and the unbreakable bond between a girl and her horse.

Stormwind of the North Country is a story about horses and nature, freedom and self-reliance. It's about going after your dreams, being yourself, and standing up for your beliefs. In her adventures at home and in the Adirondack wilderness, Kat learns that friendship and love will solve her problems. 



Katherine "Kat" Normith: Age 14. The narrator of the story, an independent 9th-grader who finds adventure and true friendship the summer she rescues an abused horse and runs away from home. Tall, thin, and athletic, but misunderstood by her classmates, a loner who would rather spend time with her horse and dog in the surrounding forest. Can be selfish, but is loyal to those she loves.

Randy Stillwater: Kat's best friend, a 15-year-old runaway she meets in the wilderness. Thin and small for his age, with long blond hair and a scarred face. Tough but sensitive, and protective of Kat

Luke: Kat's widowed father, age 32. A small-town auto mechanic who dreams that his local rock band will become famous.

Dave: Kat's 10-year-old brother. A pest, but her only ally against Lavina. Loves baseball and frogs, and hopes to be a herpetologist someday.

Lavina Harris: Early 20's, a beautiful but deceitful young woman posing as Luke's girlfriend, who plans to use him for her own nefarious purposes.

Lorraine Stillwater: Stormwind's former owner and Randy's grandmother, a dangerous madwoman with a vengeance against Randy. A big, burly, late middle-aged woman with graying blonde hair and a vicious temper.

Vito: A small-town bully and dangerous ex-convict who terrorizes Kat and Randy at their camp in the wilderness.

Aunt Betsy: Kat's rich and overbearing aunt, Luke's older sister, who is determined to turn her into a "lady."

Jake: Age 52. Randy's best friend and father figure, a kind-hearted drifter who saves his life. Tall, muscular, and athletic, with long black hair and a trademark leather bomber jacket. Looks intimidating, but is a gentle man who is good with animals and loyal to those he loves.


Kat's Pets:

Stormwind:  Kat's horse, abused by Lorraine Stillwater and rescued by Kat.  A spirited gray Arabian mare, loyal only to Kat.

Hawk:  Stormwind's blaze-faced palomino colt, an Arabian/Quarter horse cross.

Hesperus:  Kat's dog, a loyal and protective black German Shepherd.