Matthias: The Ghost of Salvation Point

Ten-year-old Dylan is excited when his father inherits an old lighthouse and cottage in Maine. Dylan and his family get to live there all summer! He goes sailing on the bay, explores the small town down the road, and searches for a legendary pirate treasure that was said to be buried nearby.

After mysterious things start happening at the cottage, Dylan meets Matthias, a gruff lighthouse keeper who had died in a storm one hundred years before. A ghost! Dylan is startled to find Matthias living in his bedroom, but he is glad when they become friends. It’s the best summer ever!

Things change when they learn that the lighthouse is threatened by a greedy treasure hunter who also knows about the pirate legend. He will do whatever it takes to find the treasure…even kidnapping! As Dylan and Matthias team up to protect their home, they begin an adventure that changes Dylan’s life forever.


Matthias MacMurray: The ghost of the last lighthouse keeper at Salvation Point, who usually appears as a solid, living person. Died in a fall from the lighthouse top in 1913. Mid-40's, tall, skinny, brown hair. Curious (but disapproving) of modern life. He's a bit grumpy, but becomes Dylan's friend and feels protective of him.

Dylan Flint: Age 10, narrator of the story. Small for his age, and hates it, because it gets him bullied a lot in school. Quiet but curious, a loner who'd rather read books or go sailing with his father than play with kids his age. He's usually the only person who can see Matthias, whom he considers his best friend. He loves sailboats and all things nautical, and is excited to spend the summer at the lighthouse.

Alondra Flint: Age 15. Dylan's sister, a real girly-girl who likes boys, shopping, and not much else. Hates Salvation Point and the lighthouse, and wants to go back home.

Mom (aka Rorianne Flint): Dylan and Alondra's mother, a famous artist who grew up in Manhattan and can't wait to go back. Very bossy and no-nonsense, she scoffs at the stories her husband tells about the cottage being haunted. She disapproves of Dylan's belief in Matthias.

Dad (aka Roger Flint): Dylan and Alondra's father, who works as an architect back home in Manhattan. Grew up in Salvation Point, where he was a sailing instructor and boat builder, and passed his love of the sea on to Dylan. Quiet and soft-spoken, but protective of his family and loyal to his hometown.

Mrs. Cooper:  The Historian at the town museum, who was also Roger's high school history teacher. She befriends Dylan and tells him the story of Matthias.

Mel Sleeter:  A greedy treasure hunter who is obsessed with finding a legendary pirate treasure that he believes is buried near the lighthouse. Short and chubby, with a shaved head, earrings, and goatee. Rude and arrogant, he tries to talk Roger into selling him the light station. When he doesn't get his way, he decides to take drastic measures...

Quint: Sleeter's cousin and bumbling accomplice. Not very intelligent, tall and skinny, with a greasy ponytail and stubbly beard. He's a creep, but not as dangerous as Sleeter.