My Ten-Acre Wilderness

"...This is my story of growing up in upstate New York as a child of the 1980’s and teenager of the ‘90’s. It’s a story of pets, vacations, and unexpected adventures. It’s a story of the roundabout ways that life can lead you home. However, it’s mainly a story of Place. Whether they were hometowns or vacation spots, the places that shaped my life became the repositories of my most cherished memories..."


Growing up, the author knew that she was an unusual child, a misfit who dreamed of having a horse of her own and a life in the wilderness. 

When she was ten years old, her parents built a log cabin in the Adirondack forest. As she explored the surrounding trails and dirt roads with her new horse, Sally, she came to consider those woods her own private wilderness where she was free to be herself. 

Those years didn't last, but they changed her life and sparked a search for a new place to call home. As her travels took her from upstate New York to the coast of Cape Cod and a remote island in Maine, she learned that life's ordinary days can become our most cherished memories. 

This is a story of growing up feeling different from the rest, and of solitary journeys that strengthened the author's faith in God and sense of self. It's a celebration of the special places that make us who we are, and the roundabout ways that life can lead us home.