Secrets in the North Country

A shocking innocent man accused...a young girl's betrayal...

The peaceful small town of Sprucewood, NY, is shaken after a young woman is attacked on a remote mountain trail. When Jake, a kindhearted drifter, is accused of the crime, he finds himself running from the law...

Since fourteen-year-old Kat's rock singer father is performing out of town for a month, her insufferable Aunt Betsy moves in. Meanwhile, Kat’s friend Randy and her brother Dave find Jake wounded in the forest and decide to help him hide from the police. When Kat finds out, she is uncertain about Jake's innocence and struggles with her own choices between loyalty and betrayal.

As a blizzard hits one night, Kat and Jake are forced to flee to an abandoned wilderness cabin on her horse, Stormwind. But even their snowbound hideout isn't safe from their pursuers, including a corrupt cop who is determined to serve justice.

In this sequel to Stormwind of the North Country, Kat must clear Jake's name and expose a killer…before she becomes his next victim.



Jacob Drake: “Jake,” age 52. A kindhearted drifter who is accused of a violent crime that he didn’t commit.  He’s Randy’s best friend, whom he considers his father, who had raised him for five years. 

Katherine “Kat” Normith:  age 14, narrator of the story. She is unsure of Jake's innocence and wonders if Randy and Dave were doing the right thing by hiding him.

Randy Stillwater:  age 15.  Kat’s best friend.  However, their friendship is threatened when Kat reveals that she told Emily about Jake.

Emily:  age 14.  Kat’s former best friend, whom she tells about Jake to try to win back their friendship.

Dave:  age 11.  Kat’s brother.

Luke:  early 30’s.  Kat and Dave’s father, and Randy’s legal guardian.  An auto mechanic and lead singer in his local band, “The Unchained Sons.”

Aunt Betsy:  mid-40’s.  Kat’s overbearing, wealthy aunt, Luke’s older sister, who comes to stay when Luke is out of town for a month. 

Pierre:  Aunt Betsy’s handsome but gruff French chauffeur.   

Carson: A corrupt police officer who is determined to find the suspect. Cruel, arrogant, and conniving, with a mustache and a bad temper.

Dr. Strats: An unassuming but cunning court-appointed psychiatrist who twists the defendants' words for his own gain, and accepts a bribe in hopes of getting Jake convicted of something

Sarah Brock:  age 18.  Kat's friend, an assault and robbery victim whom Jake finds in the woods.

Matthew Bence:  Sarah Brock’s former boyfriend and attacker.